Cloud Direct launches new, improved PROVIDE support portal for customers and partners

Cloud Direct launches new, improved PROVIDE support portal for customers and partners

Account management, provisioning and assistance made easy

Customers and partners who are registered for Cloud Direct’s PROVIDE™automated support portal, will now find managing their accounts even easier. Details - such as orders, invoices and service usage - are available instantly. Users can also find a deep level of product information in the knowledge base. The entire portal is accessible via a personalised dashboard.

Cloud Direct customers and partners are now able to use the PROVIDE portal to:

  • Manage all their accounts and services in one place
  • Access a wealth of product information and help in the knowledge base
  • Raise technical support tickets
  • Request changes to their subscriptions
  • Track their sales orders

They can also:

  • Reprint invoices
  • Check VoIP usage and other stats
  • Generate new sales quotes online
  • Access a list of their company contacts
  • Customise their PROVIDE portal with their own settings and branding

The news page of the portal displays important information and updates on Cloud Direct services. It also provides insights on how customers can get the most for their business from cloud services, and shares news on what’s happening in Cloud Direct and around the cloud industry.

David Wigley, Cloud Direct’s engineering director, said:

“This is second iteration of the PROVIDE portal, as we look towards full account automation in the near future. We’ve got a strong development team here at Cloud Direct, and we’ve had fantastic feedback from customers and partners. I’m really pleased that everyone’s hard work is paying off.”

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