Dell considers move to wearable tech market

Dell considers move to wearable tech market

Dell is considering a move into the wearable computing and technology market.

This is in response to poor PC sales that have been hit by the rise of tablets and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies in the workplace.

The computer manufacturer's global vice-president Sam Burd told the Guardian it was "exploring ideas in the [wearable technology] space", which is expected to move into the mainstream with the arrival of Google's new glasses-mounted display later this year.

Glass, as it is called, is expected to become hugely popular and will likely initiate strong competition in the technology market among firms hoping to make the most of the new space.

The device will allow users to record videos, check emails and text messages and check the weather - all without using a single button. There have also been persistent rumours Apple will enter the wearable market with a so-called iWatch, which it registered patents for in Taiwan and Mexico recently.

Mr Burd said: "Looking ahead five years, we expect devices and form factors to continue to change. There will still be a need for 'static' computing on desktops, but there will be a real need for mobile devices.

"There's a lot of discussion about how that fits into wearable devices like we've seen with Google Glass and watches. We're looking at a world of lots of connected devices."

The Dell VP also commented it will be hard for both his company and its competitors to be able to see where the market is going to go in the coming years but there was no killer-app like an iPad or iPhone on the horizon as there had been in previous technology cycles.

Additionally, Mr Burd said Dell needs to explore new revenue streams and do more to avoid putting all of its efforts into the PC market - which is rapidly shrinking with the rise of ultrabooks, hybrids and tablets.

However, recent flaws in operating systems on Dell phones left consumers unsure of trusting the company and it needs to remedy this if it is to increase its sales.

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