Effects of security lapses could take years to discover

Effects of security lapses could take years to discover

Not protecting your company’s files and sensitive data effectively can have a devastating on your reputation and result in a significant loss of revenue.

This is according to Alex Fidgen, director of MWR InforSecurity, who believes that many firms do not think enough about what could happen if they have a breach and in some cases the real impact could take years to be realised.

“One of the interesting things about the new generation of threats is that some of the consequences are very hard to measure, because if someone is stealing your intellectual property, you are not going to be able to measure that and understand that it is happening immediately,” he explained.

“You may start to see the effects of it three to five years down the line or even further out than that, as another competitor in another part of the world takes greater share.

He added that there are differing levels of consequences depending on the set up of the company and the industry that it operates in.

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