Eight in 10 over 65s cant define cloud computing

Eight in 10 over 65s cant define cloud computing

Perhaps surprisingly, fewer British people over 65 don't know what cloud computing means than are unaware of the meaning of phablet and re-Tweet - maybe a sign of just how significant the cloud is becoming.

According to EE research, 79 per cent couldn't say what cloud computing is, though a higher 96 per cent are unaware of the meaning of 'phablet' (a large screened smartphone). Other words most couldn't define including meme (96 per cent), emoji (95 per cent), geotag (93 per cent), GIF (92 per cent) and re-Tweet (83 per cent).

Bitcoin, HDMI and LOL were all examples of tech talk that more than 70 per cent struggle to explain, too.

It was found that 58 per cent thought tech jargon was the main reason they were not online - more than said the same about data privacy (53 per cent), worries about scams (54 per cent) and cost (29 per cent).

The survey also found that 27 per cent of the older people involved weren't sure they knew what email was, 38 per cent said the same about 'smartphone' and 50 per cent about 'social media'.

And according to the data, 71 per cent of over 65s have needed to ask their children or grandkids to help them with getting online. However, 57 per cent are already using the internet, according to the stats.

And 64 per cent of these says it's helped relationships with relatives and friends, letting them communicate on a more regular basis.

Among those who have already come online, 78 per cent use email - making this the most commonly used online tool for the age ground.

The research was carried out to mark EE's Techy Tea Party Day event.

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