Digital Frontier: Inspiring Public Sector Transformation with Microsoft Cloud

Thursday 20th June | 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Cardiff City FC Stadium


Are you ready to transform your public sector organisation with the cloud? From increasing cyber threats to growing legacy system costs, don’t fall into the trap of doing nothing and not embracing digital transformation. Discover the tangible benefits of Microsoft Azure and how you can start to maximise operational efficiencies and be more fiscally responsible with cloud costs.

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Now more than ever, public sector spending is under a watchful eye and with budget deficits getting bigger, the fear of spending on new IT infrastructure is ever-growing. But with increasing legacy system costs and increasing cyber security threats, you can no longer afford the risk of doing nothing.

Many public sector organisations are starting to embrace the cloud and we don’t want you to get left behind. We want to show you how you can start to empower your organisation with Microsoft Azure technology. 

By joining this in-person event, in partnership with Microsoft, we’ll show you how you can be fiscally responsible with cloud costs – from understanding the financial benefits of migrating and how to budget and optimise costs. We’ll also take a look at your challenges, what the risk is to you of doing nothing and why you should start to embrace digital transformation, by exploring the tangible benefits of Microsoft Azure and how it can improve public sector operations and unlock innovation.

Spaces are limited so register ASAP! As part of the event and if you want to, you can join one of the free guided tours of Cardiff City FC Stadium!

What’s on the agenda?


9:30 AM | Arrival and Registration

10:00 AM | Welcome and Introductions

10:10 AM | The Risk of Inaction
We’ll uncover the risks and challenges of falling behind your public sector peers who are already beginning to brace the change. Moving to the cloud isn’t a two-step task, but the reward of migrating is worth it as you’ll lessen your risk exposure from data protection, security and more – all things that can massively impact your public sector organisation.

10:35 AM | Cloud Economics 101

We understand a cloud migration sounds expensive, but in reality, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ll help you understand the financial benefits of cloud migration, how to budget and optimise cloud costs, CapEx vs. OpEx budgets, how to demonstrate cost savings to your organisation and how to make long-term decisions that will maximise your cloud investment.

11:00 AM | Mid-morning break

11:15 AM | Maximising operations and efficiency with Azure

We’ll explore how Azure technologies can help improve operations within public sector organisations, all within the guiding principles of a Cloud Operating Model (COM). You’ll fully realise the tangible benefits of an Azure migration and how over time, new and innovative Azure technologies can help you enhance efficiency and start to save money.

11:40 AM | Getting Started with Azure

We’ll show you how you can get started with an Azure migration journey, what Microsoft funding and assessments are available to you and the benefits of working with a managed service provider.

12:00 PM | Hear from your peers

12:30 PM | Lunch and Networking

During the lunch break, you’ll also have the opportunity to join a free guided tour of Cardiff City FC Stadium.

Meet your hosts!

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Daniel Robbins

Cloud Direct

Drew Thomas




Cardiff City FC Stadium

Leckwith Road, Cardiff, CF11 8AZ

The stadium is a 10-minute walk from Grangetown Station, which you can get to via a connecting train from Cardiff Central Station.

There is complimentary free parking at the stadium.


Public sector organisations we've helped to modernise their services:

Transforming with Azure for agility

We have helped the Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust modernise their operations with Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). We transformed the Foundation’s ability to onboard new starters remotely and enabled the improvement of services to patients. 

Revolutionise internal communications with Viva Connections adoption

We created a tailored intranet solution for Kent County Council that enhanced internal communication, and served as a central hub for information and a platform for cross-departmental collaboration, strengthening their service to the community.

Adopting Azure to accelerate digital transformation

We helped Bath and North East Somerset Council to streamline operations and increase efficiency with Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). As their managed service provider, we optimise and manage their Azure environment so they have more time to focus on their community.

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