Facebook users targeted by airlines scam

Facebook users targeted by airlines scam

Facebook users have been warned to be wary of a new scam over airline fees.

The scam tricks users into thinking that Southwest Airlines are purportedly giving away hundreds of free tickets and $5,000 (£3,446) in cash.

The scam spreads when Facebook users click like or subscribe to fake prizes. It can also also spread once users share details of the prizes.

However, of course no prize is forthcoming and users have been warned to stay away from any such offer.

Details of the scam include 400 free tickets to Las Vegas, 775 first class flights for the victim and five friends and cash.

Security researcher Graham Cluley from WeLiveSecurity said: “Almost 23,000 users have shared the post with their online friends, and 14,500 have liked the page – all in the mistaken belief that it might help win them free airline tickets.”

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