Five accidental and costly Data Protection Act breaches

Five accidental and costly Data Protection Act breaches

Organisations across the UK are finding their reputations questioned and their finances weakened. Why? The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has named, shamed or fined them for breach of the Data Protection Act.

Here are five unfortunately true stories of organisations that have broken the law by exposing personal customer or employee data.

Employee lost camera - job applicants exposed

In October 2013, the Royal Veterinary College was named and shamed by the ICO when a member of staff lost their camera, which included images of six job applicants on the memory card.

Financial services firm fined £150,000

The ICO fined Welcome Financial Services (WFS) £150,000 for losing more than half a million customers’ details. In November 2011, two backup tapes containing names, addresses and telephone numbers were lost and not recovered.

Working from home – Aberdeen council offered no guidance to employees

In August of last year, Aberdeen City Council agreed to work with the ICO on improving its compliance with the Data Protection Act as it relates to their homeworking setup. The agreement follows a £100,000 fine when an employee posted online confidential information relating to the care of vulnerable children.

32-month prison sentence for hacker. Charity fined £200k.

The British Pregnancy Advice Service (BPAS) was last year fined £200,000 after a serious breach exposed thousands of people’s personal details to a malicious hacker, who was also given a 32-month prison sentence.

Bank of Scotland breach ‘unforgivable’

The ICO fined The Bank of Scotland an undisclosed sum for breaching the Data Protection Act. The penalty follows repeated instances of customer details being sent to the wrong recipients.

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