How are cloud services relevant to a business

How are cloud services relevant to a business

David Wigley, Operations Director was recently asked to take part in the Insider Media's "Ask the Expert" where he was asked: What are cloud services? Could they help my business or are they just hype?

Cloud is the latest buzz word in the IT industry but it is not a new concept; delivering business applications through the internet has been done for many years. The reason for the latest excitement about the Cloud is that the benefits are better understood with increased publicity from players such as Microsoft and Google investing in the Cloud. Faster and more reliable internet access also means better availability.

Everyone knows that running a business can be full of distractions; often it is the things that are supposed to help that add to those distractions, for instance, IT and communications - that is where cloud services can help.

Cloud services are exciting for business because they are designed to make organisations more productive, more secure and make business life easier. Leaving you more time and resources to concentrate on growth.

If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of the Cloud, then imagine the following situations:

• In the case of a disaster, your critical IT would be up and running again within 30 minutes, minimising downtime and giving you complete peace of mind.

• A paper free environment where mobile workers can not only quickly access any document but can work on them in a collaborative fashion, increasing everyone’s productivity.

• Your mobile workforce can communicate with customers seamlessly as if in the office and with colleagues instantly by text, voice or video.

• Having feature rich email, messaging and telephony systems needing no extra Internal infrastructure or internal IT support.

• Having IT services that are scalable as your company grows without costly capital investment.

What ensures continuity and simplicity is the reduced need for on-site IT facilities and the support resource they require. The true experts are where they should be - where the data is stored - in the cloud; ensuring you never need to upgrade or worry about support or security. Freeing the staff to focus on what is important.

So are cloud services just a hype? Only to companies who have not yet begun to take full advantage of them…


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