How can the Cloud Improve Business Communications

How can the Cloud Improve Business Communications

David Wigley, Operations Director's Third installment of the Insider Media's "Ask the Expert" where he is asked: 

Q: How can the cloud improve my business communications?

The rapid uptake of cloud services has made it one of the fastest growing technology sectors. So why are businesses rushing to adopt the cloud?

The cloud can bring many benefits to a business, such as allowing us to revolutionise the way we communicate at work.

Cloud-hosted communication solutions can combine video, voice, text and document control technologies to ensure fast and easy access to information making a company’s communication as effective as possible - this is just one of many reasons why people are rushing to the cloud.

The cloud also enables people to work together seamlessly; to collaborate with colleagues, with suppliers and help their customers keep in touch wherever they are, even when they are mobile or working from home.

With cloud-based telephone systems, the enriched features allow workers to hold virtual meetings with remote teams and customers to avoid time consuming and costly travelling.

Companies can enhance how they are perceived by using features such as auto attendants to guide callers efficiently to relevant departments.

They can also manage how their workers communicate with customers by using call recording for training and security purposes via simple online interfaces, freeing employers time to concentrate on what is important.

The features mentioned here were previously only affordable by larger organisations with expensive capital investments, but are now accessible to all businesses due to the Cloud model.

With no initial capital expenditure, all cloud services are supplied on a subscription basis with the benefits of flexibility and scalability as your business grows.

Due to the hosted nature of cloud services, users always have access to the latest technology therefore future-proofing an organisation in a cost-effective way without the need for expensive upgrades; also freeing IT staff to focus on more critical tasks and management on growing the business.

It is important for organisations to understand how the cloud can benefit their business; an effective adoption of the cloud can optimise efficiency as well as ensure stress-free communication.

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