ICO calls for tougher penalties against data thieves

ICO calls for tougher penalties against data thieves

Data thieves should face imprisonment, it has been suggested.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has called for tougher punishments, following reports of a woman who sold 28,000 people’s personal details to earn £5,000 and was subsequently only fined £1,000.

Sindy Nagra, an admin assistant at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 42, sold customer data records for cash by taking pictures of them on her computer screen.

Those whose details were sold had been involved in a car accident and the data included information about both the policyholder and their insurance claim.

Speaking about the developments, information commissioner Christopher Graham said that the current punishments being given out do not do enough to discourage criminals from committing these types of crimes.

He said: “This fine highlights the limited options the courts have. Sindy Nagra got £5,000 in cash in return for stealing thousands of people’s information. She lost her job when she was caught, and has no money to pay a fine, and the courts have to reflect that. But we’d like to see the courts given more options: suspended sentences, community service and even prison in the most serious cases.”

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