IE9 will help improve data security, expert claims

IE9 will help improve data security, expert claims

Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) will help small businesses and consumers retain ownership of their data, it has been claimed.

According to Tony Neate, managing director of Get Safe Online, the web browser will feature tools that control what data is collected about a user.

IE9 will give users an opt-in mechanism that will allow them to identify and block information from websites that they visit.

"Anything that puts the user in control and gives them more knowledge of exactly what is going on in their computer has got to be a good thing," he said.

"People will be making an informed decision as to whether they are going to stay on a website and whether the information being shared is something they want to do."

Last week, Ernst & Young's Global Information Security Survey 2010 indicated that cloud computing, social media, mobile devices and Web 2.0 have all added to the risks for companies looking to protect sensitive information.

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