Ironman Update: Brett

Ironman Update: Brett

When you realise your body is like a Friday-afternoon-shift Rover from the 60s

Dura Ace WheelsTraining has generally been going well. I recently completed the Bath Half in 1:35 (including pee break), am feeling stronger in the swim – and have just done the 100 mile Lionheart bike ride.

But I keep getting injured. I used to think injuries were leg breaks, accidents, twisted ankles, etc. But I now realise there are plenty more that come to the fore as the intensity increases. They were originally referred to as ‘whingeries’ (great word!) – but now they’re getting serious.

The long bike ride resulted in a pulled calf muscle, which meant I couldn’t run afterwards – bit of a problem that…

A week later – the pain is still there – meaning I can’t train. And time ticks by...

Which brings me back to the Rover car analogy. Nathan and Mark seem to be able to train harder and, even if they do get a niggle, recover quicker. So, in car terms, I figure they are modern well-engineered cars – perhaps a nice BMW M3 (Nathan) or an Aston Martin V8 Vantage (Mark). They are built from the ground up to be fast and strong, and to be able to take abuse.

I, on the other hand, am either a 60’s Rover (or if I’m feeling optimistic a TVR S). Things just don’t quite work. And no matter how many times I polish the bonnet, change the plugs, fill in the holes – the out-riggers will still rust. And the harder I push it – the more likely something will blow.

Accepting this – I need to nurse my body through.

£££ But there is also a third way £££

Nathan and Mark may have the physique and youth – but I have more money. So off to the LBS to see how much I can spend on buying ever-decreasing amounts of performance improvement. Carbon Wheels methinks…that should save a couple of minutes.


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