Ironman: What awaits them

Ironman: What awaits them

The Ironman Lazarote is tough. But what actually awaits them when they get there...

Morning Swim: 3.8km

A morning splash in the Atlantic Ocean should be sure to wake up the Ironman competitors - in the same winds that hard-core windsurfers seek out


Mid-Morning to Afternoon Bike Ride: 180.2km

Into a slight headwind (ok, strong) around a volcanic island - meaning lots and lots of very steep hills and extremely hot conditions.

Or as one magazine put it: "Normal limits don’t apply here because there’s 2,551m of steep climbing. It’s unquestionably the toughest bike course on the circuit, with one large lap around the island on rough surfaces with rolling hills and leg-sapping climbs. No Ironman bike is easy but this one is made worse by hot winds that cause your body temperature to rise."


With this hill climb


Evening jog: Marathon

Nothing better than a nice stroll after a complete day of exercise. Hopefully the coastal views compensate those sore sore legs.


I don't think I could do it...


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