Japan is the most cloud connected nation in the Asia Pacific region

Japan is the most cloud connected nation in the Asia Pacific region

Japan has long been known as a country which warmly embraces new technologies and this week a new report named it as the ‘most cloud ready nation’ in the entire Asia Pacific region.

According to the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), the Land of the Rising Sun has maintained its position of being the region’s biggest user of cloud computing.

South Korea was second on the list, jumping ahead of Hong Kong and Singapore.

However, a subsequent survey conducted by VMware ranked Hong Kong and Singapore as the most cloud-knowledgeable, with 90 per cent and 82 per cent of IT workers respectively having a good working knowledge of virtualisation.

Of 14 nations listed in the Asia Pacific, Australia dropped to seventh (three down on last year) due to substandard connectivity.

To put this into context, Japan managed a score of 10.0 in the connectivity section, while Australia scored just 2.7.

However, New Zealand was even worse at just 1.3.

Somewhat surprisingly, the global economic powerhouse that is China ranked a lowly tenth.

The Chinese technology market is growing rapidly, but it has come from a pretty much standing start so still has some catching up to do on its neighbouring nations.

China’s tech revolution has also been stunted by concerns over data laws and a lack of transparent security measures.

That said, figures published by CloudTech last month estimate that the Chinese cloud computing market will grow by $18.6 billion (approx. £11.7 billion) over the course of the next 12 months.

The report also said that India is making steady progress on the tech front but its position of ninth on the index remains unchanged.

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