Law firms failing to recruit data protection teams

Law firms failing to recruit data protection teams

A worrying number of law firms do not have a data protection committee, according to new findings.

Research published by ALM Legal Intelligence revealed that only half of the law firm professionals surveyed said their company has a data protection team or committee in place.

Some 69 professionals across different law firms were polled for the study, which found that 73 per cent of the respondents said their business has a data breach plan in place, and a further 22 per cent said that they were currently working on having such a plan organised for their company.

A separate report entitled ‘Cybersecurity and Corporate Counsel', showed that while many enterprises were aware of the importance of having cybersecurity systems in place, many had failed to implement them.

The vast majority (95 per cent) of those polled believed cyber attacks are increasing in frequency, but a comparatively smaller number felt their firms were taking adequate steps to protect against cybercriminals.

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