Lights, baubles, action! It's 'Christmas Jumper Day'

Lights, baubles, action! It's 'Christmas Jumper Day'

Festive knitwear is top of the agenda at Cloud Direct's Tramshed office in Bath today.

It's Christmas Jumper Day - a Save the Children initiative encouraging people to wear a fabulous jumper and donate £1. We've also brought in a few tins, snacks and cartons to help out some of our hungry neighbours via Bath Food Bank, a charity that has fed more than 3,000 local people in crisis since its launch.

A few snippets of office chat from earlier today: 

- "Are you cold, Kevin?" Matt appearing unfazed that Kevin's 'scarf' is, in fact, a wonderfully glitzy lilac tinsel garland. 

- "Have you brought your dog to the office, Brett?" "No, he's a reindeer." (Ed: the red nose was a dead giveaway).

- "You really do have brilliantly jingly baubles." Charlotte, who organised the day, did herself proud with her tuneful jumper.

- "I'm not sure I should hold the assessment meeting dressed like this but I don't really want to take it off; it took me forever to get the belt on." Eliza, still managing to look glamorous dressed in a red polyster suit, hat and beard. 

Here's a must-watch for today: Save the Children's spoof video of Danish crime drama, The Killing, with famous jumper wearer, Sarah Lund. 

If you don't feel like dangling your own Christmas baubles from slightly dodgy positions (see pic), John Lewis is donating £25 to Save the Children for the sale of each of their specially designed Chrismas knitwear. 

Seasons Grettings, one and all!

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