Making the switch to online backup

Making the switch to online backup

Changing any method of work requires a lot of thought and decision making. The cliché of “if it's not broken – don't fix it” applies to a lot of thinking around process change. However, switching to online backup brings a range of benefits to your business, time and data.

You may currently be backing up your data onto a USB key, CD/DVDs, External Hard Drive or Tape Backup. These may be working fine and you're able to access a wrongly edited document, deleted folder or corrupted file. The problem is these formats are easily corrupted, lost, broken or stolen. There is no contingency plan for this, if you lose that data, then it isn't recoverable.

Your computer isn't just a set of files, it represents your company, business and a lot of hard-work. Think of the time spent compiling these documents and how losing this data would require more hours of work to reproduce them to the original state. It isn't just hours lost, especially if you have a large amount of customer data, where a data loss could destroy the relationship with your clients.

These are real problems our customers have faced in the past and it takes issues like these for many people to consider online backup. Online backup provides genuine reassurance that your data is safe and recoverable when you need it. It can seem a scary prospect to trust all of your hard work and critical data to an online data backup provider but there is a genuine set of benefits.

To those new to the concept, online backup is simply the process of transferring your valuable files and folders over the internet for storage in secure data centres. It is also known as internet backup, remote backup, or web-based backup.

Online backup is easy to use. You select your data through a simple application, tell it when you want to back up, and it does it automatically. No more having to remember to do it and no more missing critical files. In fact, if we notice your data hasn't been backing up, we'll inform you.

Online backup is secure. With USB keys, CDs Tapes, and External Hard Drives data is typically unencrypted. This means if anyone gains access to these mediums they can see all of your data. With online backup the data is encrypted when it's sent, meaning only you can see it. After it's sent, your data is stored in secure disaster-proof data centres, giving you complete peace of mind.

Online backup is faster. It is argued that the switch to online backup is less efficient than typical backup because of reliance of the internet to transfer files. It is true that your first backup may take a while because it is sending all of your required data, but future backups are done incrementally, meaning only changed files are uploaded and only small bytes of data are sent.

Online backup works. Recovering your lost data is as easy as backing it up. You simply select the data you need through the software application or you can even access it through a web portal. Meaning you can access what you need, when you need it.

Hopefully, this has reduced some of the worries about online backup. Feel free to call one of our solution consultants on 0800 0 780 437 to talk about how Backup Direct can be of benefit to your specific business needs. 

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