Meet The Team: Will

Meet The Team: Will

Welcome to the fourth entry in our 'Meet the Team' feature. May's entry: Will Rowley

If any of you have ever requested support from the Cloud Direct or had an evaluation of one of our solutions you may well have had the pleasure of speaking to Will. Educated at Aberystwyth University with a degree in International Politics, Will has been with Cloud Direct for 3 years now, initially providing support, and now technical pre-sales expertise to our customers and prospects alike.

How did you end up in the job?

Good question – although I studied Politics at university, IT has always been a keen interest of mine. Sales Engineering combines that interest with a skill for communication and a consultative approach in providing a client with an elegant solution to their IT needs. On top of that, I was looking to work for a small yet fast growing company that would provide real opportunity for career progression. I am glad to say that I have not been disappointed.

What do you like about the company?

Cloud Direct is an energetic and vibrant company to work for, that like myself strives to deliver the best possible service with a professional yet approachable attitude. Everyone works together for the good of the company and each other rather than for themselves. It’s a constantly evolving environment with plenty of opportunity for career development and learning along the way.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Speaking to a wide range of people from varying sectors and backgrounds and ensuring that I help build the most appropriate solution for our clients using a range of different products and services. I look forward to finding out a bit more about our customers, their professions and interests. Especially if they are a fan of rugby – Bath preferably!

What are your hobbies?

As I’m in front of a computer screen all week I like to spend my free time in the fresh air, either running or in a beer garden! That said, unfortunately I do conform to the cliché and can often be found tweeting the latest techy developments or devouring websites like Wired and I also like to join a few of my colleagues on XboxLIVE for a spot of Call of Duty! Away from the techy stuff, I enjoy watching Bath Rugby alongside England, and have a passion for gastronomy.

Favourite Quote

"A nation that draws a demarcation between its thinking men and its fighting men will soon have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools" (Sir William Francis Butler)

Favourite Cheese

Jean Grogne

Favourite Browser

Google Chrome

DID YOU KNOW? - Will could have ended up flying in the RAF had he not been told at 15 years old that his legs were 20mm too long!


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