Microsoft Office 365 news - July 2016

Microsoft Office 365 news - July 2016

Office 365 news roundup

Office 365 recently passed its five-year anniversary. Since launching in 2011, Office 365 has become the cloud service and productivity suite of choice for a growing number of enterprise organisations, small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, educators, students and individual consumers. A key reason for the widespread popularity of Office 365 is that Microsoft keeps providing updates, improvements and new capabilities to help people stay connected, unleash their creativity and do their best work from any location and on any device.
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Faster OLAP PivotTables in Excel 2016

If you work with connections to OLAP servers, your PivotTables are now faster. The June 2016 update contains query and cache improvements to this powerful feature. You could benefit from these improvements, whether you use PivotTables to answer one-off questions or build complicated workbooks with dozens of PivotTables.
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Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips in OneDrive mobile apps

With more people getting work done and collaborating with others on their mobile devices, organisations are finding it even harder to secure their sensitive data. We see many organisations making it a priority to better secure their sensitive content no matter the device being used to access and share it. To help organisations empower their employees to work anywhere at any time while helping to protect their content, we’re pleased to announce that Microsoft has extended the Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips to OneDrive mobile apps for Android, iOS and Universal Windows.
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Office 365 news at WPC 2016

Today’s post was written by Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for Microsoft’s Office team.
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What Microsoft Stream means to Office 365

Microsoft announced the preview of Microsoft Stream, a new business video service that makes it easier to access and discover video content inside your organisation. Microsoft Stream builds upon the learnings and success of Office 365 Video, and over time the two experiences will converge, making Stream the de facto video experience in Office 365.
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OneNote July roundup

Microsoft’s OneNote team has released new capabilities to enhance inking, clipping content from the web and working with others.
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Sway accessibility milestones

The Sway app was built to make it easy for users to bring in content from multiple sources, so you can convey a richer story with photos, videos and other multimedia. The built-in design engine instantly puts your creations into cohesive layouts and designs, so you don’t have to spend hours on formatting. The digital format makes it easy to share your Sway with a link and ensures that it adapts to different screens.
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