My first bike ride...and second injury

My first bike ride...and second injury

My first ride - and second injury!

Well Sunday saw Mark (how strong is he going up hills!?), Nathan (Mr cool fast descender) and I (quite liking the flat sections) complete a 150Km ride - the Bristol Belter.

It was great to get out and complete somewhere near the distance needed for the actual Ironman (150Km versus 180Km). My sense is that both Nathan and Mark could have done it a lot quicker - but at least we all did it. The weather didn't help with horrid rain for the first two hours. Nor did punctures - Nathan suffered two!

It took me 6h30 (ride time) plus rests - and I burnt nearly 4000 calories. The key learning point was that hills are a bugger! There was nearly 2Km of climbing during the ride and the third of the big ascents hurt a lot - so much so that Nathan and I had to do a short ‘walk-of-shame' for around 500m. Mark powered up though...

My second injury

I fell off. It was very wet and very greasy and there was a corner. But I should have had better control. Anyway, not too much damage - just a cut arm and bruised / cut hip:

I should confess, I also took out another rider on a different section - apologies whoever you were.

As for my first injury mentioned last week - Bicep Femoris Tendonitis - it was bad but not bad bad. I had some clever strappings done to move the tendon in front of the head of the fibular (to stop it rubbing) - and it seemed to help. So if anyone gets pain in the outside back of the knee from running or cycling - ask me.

Until the next time...

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