My first injury...

My first injury...

My first injury...

Humbled. 100K in 4h33m. It was hard - not helped by the mucky, windy weather for the entire time. I had genuinely expected to be under four hours. I averaged 22kph, which extrapolates to over eight hours for the actual event. My target 7h30, so I have some work to do.

Worse than that, the race nearly killed me. I was running (riding?) on empty at the end, with floods of self-doubt and mud washing over me. I think I had my fuelling strategy wrong - and I sense another book needs purchasing.

But even worse than that, I got an injury. Two in fact, although they are mirror images. After hours of dangerous Googling and reading of forums - I've self-diagnosed with Biceps Femoris Tendonitis where the tendon inserts into the head of the Fibula ( The symptoms are sharp pains in the outside back of the knees, especially when bending against a load. In cycling terms, it hurts on the up stroke of the pedal movement. When you consider I probably did 25 000 pedal rotations on this 100Km ride and that it's fairly new to me - perhaps it's not surprising that it became a little inflamed.

The fact is that I can hardly walk now - two days later. It's a worrying start - and I'll see how next week ends 150Km ride goes!

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