Never worry about data again

Never worry about data again

Is it possible for your files to always be accessible - no matter how damaged your computer or file server is? Or a scenario where you're late for an important meeting, with no time to go to the office to access files or no way of transporting them - yet you can still have these when you're in the meeting?

The problem with data is that it tends to reside on some form of physical hardware - usually a disk. Over time the medium has evolved, from big floppy disks to smaller floppy disks, to hard drives, zip disks, CDs, USB sticks and external hard drives - but these break... or go missing. Data also tends to be static, and located in one place - which in an emergency, be it force majeure or circumstance based, is often the one place you can't get it from.

However, data that goes missing or is inaccessible isn't an ideal scenario - especially for businesses as that data is invaluable. There have been too many instances where business struggle to operate without it - or even worse, go out of business.

Your data doesn't have to be so rigid and static, nor does it have to be difficult to deal with. As the clouds of cloud computing begin to roll in, it has become simple to have data when you need it; to the point where you can forget about the consequences of a disaster. That said, it takes trust to let someone else be responsible for the safety of your data. It's risky - you have to trust in their guarantee that the way they are storing it doesn't break down or go missing - otherwise it's the same scenario as you looking after it yourself.

Continuity is assured with enterprise-class document hosting. The data centres are ultra-reliant and mirrored to geographically separate locations, meaning that your documents are never lost or unavailable because of hardware failure. And as it is hosted in the cloud, it's accessible anywhere-anytime - perfect for those who need to work on the road or don’t want data to be left on USB devices or external hard drives.

Your business can rely on the cloud by choosing the right provider. As documents are hosted in the cloud, your staff are never reliant on a single machine or server - giving them the freedom to work wherever they are, no matter what happens. When disaster strikes time isn't spent on trying to rebuild a PC or a server to salvage the data, they simply find a new machine and keep on working. Or even when they're away from the office and they need to have access to files, access is simple with the cloud. Your business should never worry about data being unavailable ever again.

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