New UK IoT network planned

New UK IoT network planned

It's been claimed that large-scale economic benefits will be created from a new UK Internet of Things (IoT) network which is set to be built across the nation and initially rolled out in ten major cities.

The first ten places to become part of the new networks are London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Bristol, Glasgow, Leicester and Liverpool.

The network is going to be built and run by Arqiva, which has teamed up with SIGFOX for the project.

“Our partnership with SIGFOX, and the new dedicated Internet of Things network we are building, will provide nationwide low-power connectivity for the first time," commented Arqiva's Wendy McMillan.

"Low-power consumption allows batteries and equipment to last longer, avoiding the cost and inconvenience of replacing devices. This massively expands the range of devices that can be connected, increasing the benefits to consumers and businesses alike."

The IoT network is set to harness technology from SIGFOX as well as connecting the UK to this organisation's worldwide IoT network.

SIGFOX's Rodolphe Baronette-Fruges has said that the UK is home to an active and quickly expanding market for the internet of things.

The team-up with Arqiva forms an aspect of his organisation's plan to bring about a worldwide cellular network dedicated to the Internet of Things, he added.

Some forecasts have shown that there are set to be 50 billion connected devices around the world by the year 2020, he said. For this to come about, energy use and cost need to be reduced, something SIGFOX has achieved.

At present, SIGFOX networks can be found in Spain, France and the Netherlands, and in certain cities in other nations.

Meanwhile, in other IT news, it was recently predicted that there will be edging up to 3 million internet users worldwide by the time this year comes to a close.

According to the new stats, from ITU, two in three internet users live in developing nations. Among those people not online yet, 90 per cent live in a developing nation.

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