News update from Microsoft HQ – July 2016

News update from Microsoft HQ – July 2016

Discover the best information sources, the latest in security news, how Microsoft moved one of its own critical database environment to the cloud with Azure – and so much more.

This issue includes:

  • Top news
  • How Microsoft does IT
  • Executive summary
  • Security
  • Other information
  • Microsoft developer information
  • Support webcasts
  • Monthly reminder of good information sources
  • Recent security bulletins (security bulletin archives)
  • Last five published or updated security advisories

Top news

Microsoft’s search warrant case: An important decision for people everywhere
First, this decision provides a major victory for the protection of people’s privacy rights under their own laws rather than the reach of foreign governments. It makes clear that the US Congress did not give the US government the authority to use search warrants unilaterally to reach beyond US borders.

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference showcases big plans with GE, new Windows subscriptions for businesses and why Facebook uses Office 365 — Weekend Reading: July 15 edition
This is the beginning of a strategic collaboration between the two companies, which will allow customers around the world to capture intelligence from their industrial assets and take advantage of Microsoft’s enterprise cloud applications.

Introducing Microsoft Stream: the secure destination to manage and share videos for businesses of all sizes:
Microsoft announces the free preview of Microsoft Stream, a new business video service that democratises access to and discovery of video at work.

How Microsoft does IT

Microsoft IT moves a critical database environment to Azure:
Olav Opedal and Dong Yang discuss how Microsoft IT moved one of its most critical database environments to the cloud and describe the benefits the team experienced after migration.

Engaging users with a Microsoft Azure-based universal app:
Microsoft IT developed an Azure-based app to encourage user and product feedback from members of the Microsoft Elite early adopter program. The new Elite app gave members a central point of interaction with the program across multiple device platforms.

Enterprise mobility at Microsoft (SME roundtable July 2016):
Get candid answers from our experts as they share insights and mobility best practices developed by Microsoft IT.

Executive Summary

Preparing your organisation for a seamless Windows 10 deployment:
Microsoft has learned many lessons from years of deploying major operating system updates to a globally diverse and highly mobile workforce. Among the most important is this: a technically sound base of code isn't enough.

Microsoft’s IT Showcase from July’s Worldwide Partner Conference:
updates on how Microsoft does IT.

Predictive analytics improves the accuracy of forecasted sales revenue:
Microsoft IT is improving the accuracy of forecasted sales revenue for its sellers, sales managers, and sales executives. They’re consolidating sales tools to provide an easier, more holistic user experience throughout the sales cycle.


Kovter becomes almost file-less, creates a new file type, and gets some new certificates:
Trojan:Win32/Kovter is a well-known click-fraud malware which is challenging to detect and remove because of its file-less persistence on infected PCs. In this blog, Microsoft shares some technical details about the latest changes to Kovter’s persistence method and some updates on their latest malvertising campaigns.

Nemucod dot dot..WSF:
The latest Nemucod campaign shows the malware distributing a spam email attachment with a .wsf extension, specifically ..wsf (with a double dot) extension.

Other information

Viber now available on all Windows 10 devices:
We announced the release of Viber for Windows 10 beta last month and now, we’re excited to welcome the full version to the Windows Store.

Top support solutions for Windows 10:
These are the top Microsoft Support solutions for the most common issues experienced when using Windows 10.

Drive seven new Forza favourites with the Turn 10 select car pack:
Take a trip back in history in the diminutive BMW Isetta, or relive history in the 1969 Indy 500 winner. If you agree that “bigger is better” then you can experience the first European race truck to come to Forza Motorsport 6. Beyond that, this pack offers a bespoke race car, the latest McLaren masterpiece, an Italian classic worthy of some top-down track time, and some American competition for WTCC racing.

Microsoft Developer Information

Cloud: Moving applications to the cloud, third edition: Along with developing the applications, you must also have an infrastructure that can support them. You may need to add servers or increase the capacities of existing ones, have redundant hardware, add logic to the application to handle distributed computing, and add logic for failovers.

Windows: Fun with the Windows Subsystem for Linux: Web developers are used to making difficult choices on which tools and libraries they can use based on the operating system they’re actively working on.

EDGE: the progress of Web apps: Let’s talk about the progress of web apps. No, that’s not an autocorrect mistake from “progressive web apps” — let’s take a look at how the web has progressed from “a large universe of documents” to a universal application platform.

Skype: Skype 6.20 for iOS: find bots, improved notifications and chat: At the end of March, Microsoft introduced Skype Bots to Skype for iPhone and iPad. Bots bring expertise, products, services and entertainment into your daily messaging on Skype. You’ll notice that in this release they’ve added a bot icon to the “Recents” header, which makes discovering bots really simple.

IE: What's new in F12 Tools: Use the new F12 developer tools to debug code, solve display issues, improve performance, and increase the stability of your webpages.

Support webcasts

Support webcasts are now included in Microsoft Events: The Microsoft Events contains technical webcasts, podcasts, and virtual labs for a range of professionals using Microsoft products, tools and technologies. Choose a topic and refine your search with Filter Tools.

Monthly reminders of good information sources

Security Tech Center on TechNet

Malware Protection Center: The Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) provides world class antimalware research and response capabilities that support Microsoft’s range of security products and services. With laboratories in multiple locations around the globe the MMPC is able to respond quickly and effectively to new malicious and potentially unwanted software threats wherever and whenever they arise.

My Bulletins: Is an online tool that provides you with a personalised list of the Microsoft security bulletins that matter most to you.

Hot Fix & Security Bulletin Search

Microsoft Solution Accelerators are free, authoritative resources to help IT professionals proactively plan, integrate, and operate IT systems.

Microsoft’s Support Lifecycle policy provides consistent and predictable guidelines for product support availability at the time of product release.

Blog MS monthly: Blog MS consolidates a large number of highly relevant and up to date information sources across the Microsoft product and online services portfolio. You can expect to find important announcements and details of Microsoft news, product releases, service packs and important support issues.

Microsoft Premier Online: The Microsoft Premier Online (MPO) site is a secure Web site for the exclusive use of Premier Support customers. Note some of the links below may only be available to Premier Support customers.

Premier Services Twitter: Microsoft Premier Services is now on Twitter! This account will share new proactive offerings and product information, links to important articles on TechNet or Microsoft Blogs, important lifecycle updates, and security alerts.

Recent security bulletins (Security Bulletin Archives)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for July 2016
Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for June 2016
Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for May 2016

Last five published or updated security advisories

Microsoft Security Advisory (2880823)
Deprecation of SHA-1 Hashing Algorithm for Microsoft Root Certificate Program
Published or Last Updated: Wednesday May 18, 2016

Microsoft Security Advisory (3155527)
Update to Cipher Suites for FalseStart
Published or Last Updated: Tuesday May 10, 2016

Microsoft Security Advisory (3152550)
Update to Improve Wireless Mouse Input Filtering
Published or Last Updated: Friday April 22, 2016

Microsoft Security Advisory (3137909)
Vulnerabilities in ASP.NET Templates Could Allow Tampering
Published or Last Updated: Wednesday February 10, 2016

Microsoft Security Advisory (2871997)
Update to Improve Credentials Protection and Management
Published or Last Updated: Tuesday February 9, 2016

For the entire list of published Security Advisories, visit the Security Advisory Archive Web site.

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