Organisations could 'do more' to protect customer info

Organisations could 'do more' to protect customer info

A survey commissioned for the National Identity Fraud Prevention Week has revealed that three quarters of workers feel that their respective companies could 'do more' to protect sensitive customer information. The research also revealed that about a third of UK employees throw sensitive documents in the bin without shredding them first.

Careless behavior like this makes identity fraud in the UK cost £1.6 billion annually. 12% of people also admitted to making purchases on the internet without any security software in place.

Reputation and goodwill is one of the most valuable assets a company can have. I find it quite incredible how many risk that asset on a daily basis due to a basic lack of organisation and communication amongst staff. Ultimately, the responsibility lies at the door of the business owners and directors. Employees should not be in any position to take blame, especially seeing as there are now numerable solutions available to protect against data exposure. 

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