Outsourcing for EasyJet

Outsourcing for EasyJet

Low-cost airline EasyJet has taken advantage of an outsourcing deal with Alfred McAlpine, by carrying out a large network migration.

IT Pro reports that Alfred McAlpine was responsible for the migration of the carrier's telephony and data services, as well deploying a new LAN infrastructure at the new EasyJet corporate headquarters.

Bill Codd, EasyJet IT service delivery manager, said that creating a top-notch system at the 30,000 headquarters at Luton Airport was crucial for the airline's development.

"One of the key principles of the EasyJet business is to be innovative and use the latest technology to ensure efficiency throughout all of its processes," he told IT Pro.

"It required low-cost, robust, high availability, future-proofing systems to support the company now and to carry it forward as new technology is developed."

"Due to the nature of our business and working in such a fast-paced service industry, it was crucial that this was a smooth transition - for both the company and our customers."

He added: "Alfred McAlpine IT Services successfully handled the migration of 400 users, over a four day period, to the new facility without any outage to the service, which is a great result."

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