Pfizer extends HP IT outsourcing deal

Pfizer extends HP IT outsourcing deal

Pfizer, the manufacturer of the elderly lover's best friend, Viagra, has announced that is has extended its sizeable IT outsourcing contract with Hewlett Packard (HP).

The deal will see HP move its IT helpdesk operations from Japan to China, reports ZDNet Asia.

HP has been providing the US firm with IT support since 1999, including user and data centre assistance, service desk, network, server and desktop management.

Under the new deal, HP will eventually offer IT outsourcing and support services for Pfizer's entire Asia-Pacific helpdesk from Dalian, China, with the new facility expected to be up and running by June 2007.

There are plans to transfer Pfizer's 14 remaining helpdesk centres in the Asia-Pacific to Dalian in the near future.

Pfizer's products, which include a wide range of medicines for humans and animals, in 150 countries, are sold in 150 countries.

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