Poorly managed IT services leaving UK employees frustrated

Poorly managed IT services leaving UK employees frustrated

Poorly managed IT services are leaving UK office workers frustrated and unhappy, according to newly published research.

A study commissioned by NG Bailey has identified factors that most affect productivity in the workplace, with Britons arguing they could save 4.3 hours a week if they had more well-rounded utilities put in place.

Indeed, 67 per cent commented poor IT holds them back from being productive on a regular basis, with 49 per cent of participants claiming this is a problem in their office every week.

But there are broader implications surrounding this issue and 44 per cent of people complained their mental health is being put at risk because of stress caused by poorly managed IT systems.

Further to this, 32 per cent said they work longer hours to make up for IT failures that aren't their fault, while 30 per cent miss deadlines because of infrastructural failures caused by crashes or data loss.

Bob Dunnett, managing director of NG Bailey, remarked: "It's clear many businesses don't currently provide the IT resources that could help their employees achieve maximum productivity.

"What we're also seeing is that this is having a big impact on employees' health and quality of life. CIOs and financial decision makers should weigh up the cost of improving their IT services with the implications of below-par IT on employees' wellbeing and their company’s bottom line."

Mr Dunnett added there is no better time than the present for companies to review their IT infrastructure, as 72 per cent of employees surveyed said this is an area of potential improvement their employer could investigate.

One of the most shocking revelations of NG Bailey's research is that seven per cent of 18-34 year olds would even surrender part of their pay-packet just to have better IT functionality on a day-to-day basis.

A slightly less extreme 44 per cent of respondents remarked they would sacrifice their Christmas party for better infrastructure.

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