Ruling Online Backup Out on Cost

Ruling Online Backup Out on Cost

Too many people rule online backup out on cost. But for me that is an easy way of sweeping a real issue under the carpet.

Putting in place a backup strategy is not simply a case of looking to see how much space is used on your hard drive and thinking 'gosh I have a lot of data'. What it should actually do is start a process of looking at how much actual data you have, and categorising that data - rating the impact on the business if particular sets were lost.

Once you have an understanding of what data is absolutely critical, you can begin thinking about how what level of protection it requries i.e. how frequently it needs backing up; the level of retention required and how to manage it efficiently. It is only once those critical data sets and applications have been identified that you can start thinking about a cost.

There are always going to be times when online backup isn’t a good fit, but getting to a sensible conclusion of what’s going to work and what isn’t, shouldn’t come down to whether or not you have masses of duplicated or redundant files.

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