Six new cyber-attack trends

Six new cyber-attack trends

Hacker causes £150k fine for insurance company

The Information Commissioner’s Office, (ICO), which is responsible for upholding the Data Protection Act, has fined Think W3 Limited £150,000 for a ‘staggering lapse’ in judgement that exposed 431,000 customer bank card details. This news coincides with McAfee Labs predicting a rise in malicious cyber-attacks, and reporting several new worrying trends.

According to the ICO, Think W3 Limited accepted liability for “failing to keep their customers’ personal data secure, failing to test their security, and failing to delete out-of-date information”. The unfortunate financial and reputational repercussions for Think W3 Limited could have been avoided with the appropriate data security measures in place.

Without facing the risks and responsibilities surrounding data, it seems the situation will only get worse for businesses. The McAfee Labs Threat Report, Third Quarter 2013, sees several familiar trends but reports several new ones, including:

  1. A steady growth in malware – including a third growth in mobile malware. New malware of all types exceeded 20 million in Q3 alone. Malware posing as legitimate software increased by nearly 50 per cent, setting a new record.
  2. A doubling in the number of new rootkits, which tunnel into systems and remain hidden
  3. A sharp increase in spam
  4. The shutdown of Silk Road, the illegal online market for drugs and other products.
  5. The emergence of the ‘Deep Web’, a collection of hidden services, not indexed by search engines and supposedly 500 times larger.
  6. An increase in the use of digital currencies by criminals to maintain anonymity.

As the Malay proverb says: “Just because the river is quiet does not mean the crocodiles have left.”

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