Six reasons why a recruitment business should forget about IT

Six reasons why a recruitment business should forget about IT

The last thing a busy recruitment business needs to worry about is IT. But if you source your technology from multiple vendors and don’t have in-house IT support, you’ll spend a lot of time on IT admin, while getting increasingly frustrated by technology that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. With packaged cloud services, recruitment companies can forget about IT. Here’s why.

As a recruitment company, there are six, game-changing benefits of packaged cloud services. But before we go there, let me briefly answer this question:

What is a packaged cloud service?

Packaged cloud gives you the best cloud technologies for the recruitment industry, carefully selected and packaged into one single service, with one monthly bill and 24/7 support.

That means that you benefit from these six major points:

1. It’s secure: your data is protected, backed up and recoverable

Your candidate information is your lifeblood. So when consultants move on and take it with them, it’s a disaster – lose that and you could lose everything.

A cloud desktop helps prevent this by giving each user a tightly defined access profile. This allows you, for example, to limit who in your company is able to download, export and print certain files. So only authorised individuals would be able to:

  • Use a USB stick to download data
  • Send data from an email that isn’t their work address
  • Print a locked file
  • Photograph the locked file on screen.

With packaged cloud it’s also backed up, so should you experience data loss or corruption – whether through a virus, flood or you simply lost your laptop – you can retrieve it quickly and completely with automated backups of your servers or PCs.

2. It works easily with your recruitment applications

Cloud desktop integrates easily with all key recruitment applications such as:

  • ITRIS Recruitment
  • Microdec Profile RPM
  • Simply Personnel
  • Super Office 7
  • Microsoft CRM.

It also hosts the accounting software that a lot of recruitment agencies use - such as Sage, CCH, Keytime and Intuit.

3. It’s affordable: you don’t need to invest in additional hardware or IT support

Because it’s cloud based, your don’t need to worry about buying additional servers or hardware. And if you have the unfortunate experience of anything going wrong, you have an expert on packaged cloud at your service, 24/7, 365 days a year.

4. It’s mobile: your office is wherever you are

With packaged cloud services, whether you’re working remotely or at home, it’s just as easy as being in the office. That’s because your cloud office is accessible from anywhere. You access your emails, applications, data storage, file-sharing and video calls all from the one place – and you can access them from anywhere, at any time and on any device.  Simple security technology such as encryption keep your emails and files safe in transit.

5. It’s flexible: you can alter your package according to your business needs

The recruitment industry is no stranger to peaks and troughs in demand. Packaged cloud flexes with you. So if you suddenly start growing, you can boost your monthly package. And if things start to get quieter – for example during the summer months - you can reduce your package.

6. It’s forgettable:  you won’t even know you’re using it

Sounds ironic doesn’t it? But the best bit about packaged cloud, is that you can ‘set it and forget it’. Neither you, your colleagues, your clients nor your candidates will know that your business is in the cloud. It just works.

To find out more about how packaged cloud drives better office and employee productivity for mobile working, check out this blog: A day in the life of Millie, a thoroughly modern mobile worker.

Or you can check out our remote, hosted desktop solution – ideal for our recruitment industry customers.

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