SMEs driving efficiency and collaboration with cloud hosting services

SMEs driving efficiency and collaboration with cloud hosting services

Small businesses across the globe are turning to cloud hosting services in order to drive efficiencies and facilitate collaboration overseas.

Business Insider explained that by leveraging cloud services companies are improving their productivity, lowering costs, scaling up infrastructure as and when needed and reaching out to foreign business partners and customers.

Indeed, by building, testing and running critical applications in the cloud, small businesses are finding that they can streamline, enhance and extend what they do. This is thanks to the growing number of solutions that are now on the market.

Salil Mathur, chief executive officer of Tech Tier Solutions Pvt Ltd, told Business Insider: "Microsoft Cloud is helping us enhance our competitiveness in the market. We are connected with our customers in real time and are seeing a great degree of efficiency and collaboration being driven within the ecosystem, since we transitioned to the Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 allows us to use products such as MS Office, Excel or Power Point without having to install them."

Solutions such as this are giving small businesses the flexibility they need, allowing them to access critical software without financially committing to installation.

What's more, cloud computing reduces capex considerably, removes much of the need for loans, reduces procurement efforts and takes the complexity out of system deployments and management.

For small businesses, being able to virtually outsource in this way is crucial and allows key personnel to get on with other value adding activities.

The Cloud Industry Forum previously predicted that 98 per cent of UK SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) would adopt cloud services over the next few years. It claimed that with a 94 per cent satisfaction rate driving 85 per cent further investment in the cloud among businesses at large, small companies are likely to follow suit.

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