Survey says? UK Business Leaders Fear Email Attachments Damage Business

Survey says? UK Business Leaders Fear Email Attachments Damage Business

We carried out a survey recently to investigate the problems business leaders face when it comes to email attachments. The survey resulted in a report, titled Fatal Attachment, and revealed that 40% of business leaders fear that a mistake with email attachments could lose clients.  54% of businesses said that a serious mistake would damage their business’ reputation, with 8% confirming they have already lost a client or sale as a result of email attachment errors.

238 business professionals took part in the survey with the added bonus of winning an iPad. Michael Hamill, of Michael Hamill & Associates, was awarded the iPad this week. Congratulations Michael!

In summary, the study found that the top five hazards of email attachments are:

1. Files too large to send 50%
2. Receiving an email without an attachment 48%
3. Forgetting to attach a document 44%
4. Not being able to open an attachment 38%
5. Not being able to access an attachment on a mobile device 31%

Geoff Dowell, time management expert and executive coach at Dowell Consulting said: “Many people find themselves in high pressured work environments where they have to prioritise urgent tasks. Sharing information is simple in theory but it can actually be the time constraints that cause high levels of stress. Utilising new technologies to tackle a problem such as this can make our lives easier and our work life more efficient. Taking such small steps can often have a big impact on improving a company’s development.”

For more details on this survey please find the the report here

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