TECH GUIDE - Business Server Backup

TECH GUIDE - Business Server Backup

Combining disk and online technologies, Cloud Direct’s online server backup service is the only complete backup and recovery solution, fully automating and streamlining the protection of corporate data through a tape-free "set-it-and-forget-it" service that:

  • Provides Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for live backup.
  • Automatically moves data offsite to a secure facility.
  • Archives data with long-term history that you define.
  • Restores your data rapidly and completely over the internet or from and optional local appliance.
  • Removes the day-to-day hassles of tape backup.

The service radically simplifies and automates the protection of all your company's servers including file, database, application and Exchange servers, eliminating the risks and burdens of tape backup.

Fully automated data protection through a comprehensive, hands-free process, eliminating time-consuming, manual tape backups. The service backs up your data offsite and makes it immediately recoverable - continuously and automatically. In addition, the Service Operations Centre ensures all backups and recoveries work properly and automatically.

Using efficient delta-backup technology, the service continually backs up your data for more accurate recovery with improved data granularity. It continuously backs up data as it changes, to ensure recovery of a current version within minutes of a failure. For example, if a virus corrupts your database server, you can use the Web Management Portal to simply roll back the database to its previous state just prior to the corruption. With continuous data protection, you choose the exact version of that file to recover from numerous point-in-time versions each day.

The onsite disk cache is an optional rapid recovery appliance for local, disk-speed recoveries of current data and recent history. It enables you to quickly recover large amounts of data while meeting the most stringent recovery time objectives (RTO). The device requires no maintenance or manual operation and maintains recoverable copies of all current data plus a rolling "data history" of recent versions that are always available for instant local recovery.

Through its unique DeltaRestore technology, the service dramatically accelerates recoveries. Instead of restoring an entire file or database, you can use DeltaRestore to automatically recover only the data that changed - restoring the file to its exact state at a specified point in time prior to the failure. Your data is recoverable - usually within minutes.

Open databases and files, including Microsoft Exchange and SQL, are the most difficult to protect, yet they're typically your company's most valuable data assets.

The service removes the risk and complexity of protecting this critical data through built-in support for open file and database backup. It continuously protects open and changing databases without complex plug-ins or costly third-party tools.

You can now manage your entire backup, offsite protection, archiving and recovery process from a secure Web browser - anywhere, anytime. Create customized backup policies, check status, delegate responsibilities across your enterprise, and initiate restore operations whenever needed. Though the Web Management Portal interface, you have point-and-click access to your data - at any time from anywhere - for simplified backup and recovery.

Flexible Bandwidth Management
After an initial backup, the service transmits only incremental changes to minimize bandwidth consumption. (The optional local onsite disk cache appliance can reduce bandwidth usage even more.) Bandwidth throttling also enables you to control the amount of bandwidth used during specified time periods.

At every step - from the moment it leaves your server until it's safely stored in our remote data centre - your data is completely secure and carefully protected, using the same stringent measures, protocols and standards that financial institutions use to protect their data. The service encrypts all data at the source with a unique key that only you have. For an additional layer of protection, the service uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to establish a secure, resilient communication tunnel to the offsite storage facilities.

The service supports numerous platforms and operating systems to provide you with flexibility today and tomorrow: Linux, Sun® Solaris® and Microsoft® server platforms.

Simply email with an outline of your requirements. One of our staff will contact you to clarify your requirements and discuss the various options available to you (data retention policies, disk cache and contract terms), arrange for a demonstration or an evaluation of the service.

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