TECH Guide - Connectivity Guide

TECH Guide - Connectivity Guide

 Connectivity can be a confusing topic - most people want to improve it, but are unsure of what can be changed or how to go about it.

Cloud Direct understands how businesses operate and can work with you to identify your needs and what connectivity solutions would benefit you most.

We are experienced in improving and managing connectivity throughout the entire communication environment... but what are the key stages in any connectivity?

Connectivity basics

The easiest way to break it all down is to view it as four key components:

Premises: where you connect to the internet be it your home, office, factory, train station, library or anywhere that is used to access the internet.

Cabinet: a green box in the street, containing thousands of wires and holds all the neighbourhood connections.

Exchange: all the cabinet connections arrive here, there is usually one per town and organises these connections in order to send data to the 'cloud'.

The Cloud: data is send to the internet, other VoIP users and our data centres amongst other things.

Why internet quality varies so much

This network was originally designed to handle phone frequencies, modern day technology between each stage enables internet data frequencies to be transmitted. The further away the signal has to carry, the weaker these frequencies come and internet quality degrades.

At the premises, it is the router which takes these complex signals and frequencies and organises them to give you an internet connection. As routers vary so much in quality, their ability to handle these signals effectively also differs.

With hundreds of these connections going to the cabinet, then multiple cabinets going to the exchange, it becomes clear why the internet slows down so much during peak times of the day - it has become contended

What Cloud Direct does

Cloud Direct is able to provide a solution to any point of this network, giving you the ability to become more productive and more efficient.

We are highly experienced in providing a wide range of solutions built around and the needs of an individual business.

Whether you'd like to find out more about a managed router, improved connections between the premises and exchange or provide secure networking solutions, then please contact us on 0800 0789 437 and speak to one of our specialists

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