TECH GUIDE - Continuous Data Protection from Cloud Direct

TECH GUIDE - Continuous Data Protection from Cloud Direct

 Cloud Direct’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup solution for single servers and networks enables businesses to protect their most critical data as it is created.

Using intelligent data reduction technologies, Continuous Data Protection creates a backup of your server data on an ongoing basis. This eliminates the risk of losing data and gives you multiple backup points to recover individual files or entire databases from.

Continuous Data Protection for Single Servers

As a single server backup solution Continuous Data Protection allows managers to create backup windows as frequently as every 15 minutes – meaning the most amount of data loss possible is just 14 minutes of work.

You simply install the backup software onto the machine needing protection, select the files, folders and databases that you’d like to backup and schedule the backups to happen on a continuous basis. After an initial backup, all continuous backups are sent efficiently and securely over the internet for storage in secure UK and EU-based data centres.

When you need to recover data you simply log-on to your own private online control panel and select the files and restore points needed. Then you can immediately start recovering that data back onto your host or replacement machine – minimising productivity downtime.

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Continuous Data Protection for Networks

If you need continuous backup for data stored across a network of computers, Cloud Direct’s Continuous Data Protection service is the most secure and affordable solution on the market.

Using military-grade encryption technologies and intelligent data reduction technologies – including file de-duplication, data compression and block-level incremental backup – you can control your entire data protection workflow from a central control portal.

With all network-connected machines being backed up from a single management console and sent for storage in secure UK and EU-based data centres, administrators can save time and money and ensure that the most robust backup procedure is in place for their company’s critical data.

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