TECH GUIDE - Hosted Call Quality

TECH GUIDE - Hosted Call Quality

Hosted Business Telephone Systems from Cloud Direct give you supreme call quality and functionality.

Phone systems have a varying reputation for quality and performance. Customers perception of a business can often be dependant on the call quality that they receive. Traditional hosted systems are often poorly delivered and analogue phone calls rely on aging copper telephone lines - leading to bad call quality.

Cloud Direct solves this problem by using enterprise-class phone systems hosted in the cloud, giving you supreme call quality and lower costs.

With your phone system in the cloud, you can rely on a service which is enterprise-class whilst providing you with reliability and a high-level of redundacy.

Your incoming calls are put through our cloud, with multiple data centres that are managed, secure and monitored to ensure you get the best quality possible.

Calls are instantly delivered over your internet lines, and only handsets that have gone through our multi-step interop process are able to be used - ensuring quality with the phone working every time.

With a Cloud Direct solution from there is no capital expenditure or service fees for changes to your telephone system. You are in control and are supported by our 24/7 award-winning support.

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