TECH GUIDE - Remote Backup from Cloud Direct

TECH GUIDE - Remote Backup from Cloud Direct

 Managing a remote backup system can be a difficult task. It takes time and money to implement - resources better spent in improving your value-adding IT infrastructure - not on your backup.

Cloud Direct's Remote Backup solutions help IT administrators streamline their backup processes and at the same time provide a safe, secure and monitored off-site storage environment for business critical data.

With our remote backup service, your company's data is backed up automatically throughout the day using secure transfer protocol (SSL). In the back-end, it resides securely in our N+1 UK and EU-based data centres and is made instantly recoverable should you need it.


  • Remote, web-based management – control your data backup and recovery work-flows from a remote web portal. Log on from any web browser in the world and change backup sets, initiate data restores or recover an entire server - all done remotely.
  • Military-grade security – your data is encrypted to government standards before being transferred over the internet. It is then stored in UK and EU-based N+1 data centres – the most secure and compliant form of data storage in the world.
  • Automatic backup – never experience the hassle of manual backups again - schedule your backups to happen automatically throughout the day and always recover a recent copy of your data.
  • Fast data recovery – recover your data quickly after loss. Simply download it back onto your computer through the software application or access it online via your own private web portal – eliminate the productivity downtime and stress synonymous with data loss.
  • On-demand rescue – Cloud Direct’s dedicated Service Team is available around the clock with award-winning free telephone, email and remote logon support to help you in your time of need.

You can request a 14-day FREE TRIAL of our Remote Backup service for your company server today! Just fill in a quick requirement form and one of our consultants will be in touch to help you set up the trial on your machine. 

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