TECH GUIDE - Serious Network Security

TECH GUIDE - Serious Network Security

Secure your network and operate in complete confidence.

With malicious attacks and data leakage on the increase there is a need to create a secure network between sites or increase security on inbound traffic, but this can be difficult to implement.

Cloud Direct solves this problem by building secure networks for organisations and managing their firewalls for them.

Virtual Private Networks enable businesses with multiple sites spread over several geographical areas to run business applications such as email, file transfer and allow access to corporate information.

Our Managed Firewalls stop malicious attacks from entering your network - without you needing to keep it maintained or updated.

With these solutions in place, organisations can work with the confidence and security that data cannot be leaked or attacks cannot penetrate your network.

With a secure Cloud Direct solution, we are able to build networks that not only keep you secure, but also monitor problems and manage traffic more efficiently.

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