TECH GUIDE Small Business Server (SBS) Backup from Cloud Direct

TECH GUIDE Small Business Server (SBS) Backup from Cloud Direct

Online Backup for MS Small Business Server (SBS) 2000, 2003 and 2008

Cloud Direct™ Small Business Service (SBS) is purpose built for the smaller business, department or branch office that requires automated offsite backup of Microsoft Exchange, SQL and standard file data. Cloud Direct SBS is 100% secure and fully automated – giving you peace-of-mind without the hassle and unreliability of traditional tape systems.

With a unique web-browser interface, users can quickly configure the service to ensure critical data is automatically backed up off-site. You can monitor activity and begin restoring individual files, folders, databases or the entire server within minutes of needing to.

How does it work?

After installing a small piece of software on the server to be protected, an intuitive web control panel is used to select what data is to be protected: the entire server, selected applications e.g. Microsoft Exchange or individual folders.

The service automatically begins to backup real-time to our secure vaults in the UK and then track on-going changes to your data. Our Service Operations Centre monitors backup activity and automatically lets you know if backups fail or your server goes ‘off-line’ for any reason.

Restoring data when you need it is simple; the same web browser control panel allows you to select what to restore, from which point in time and where to retrieve it to. When the restore is complete, an email is sent confirming the details.


Features and benefits of SBS backup:

  • Secure - Your data is encrypted on your servers and then sent using a secure connection to our UK Vaults. Here it remains stored, encrypted and inaccessible to anyone except you.
  • Automated & Simple - Real-time backup ensures that your data is sent offsite as it changes. No one needs to remember to change tapes and secure them off-site. No one needs to learn complex software in order to protect and retrieve data. When you need your data back, you simply select which data and from what date using the web-based control panel and the retrieval begins instantly.
  • Online & Offsite - Unlike with tapes, your data is always in a secure off-site location. In case of theft, flood or fire, your data is always available to recover so you can carry on in business.
  • Free Email & Telephone Support - Specialist staff are available to answer questions and help you get the most out of your system. Our active monitoring alerts you ahead of time, in case of problems with your backups.

To find out more about the features and benefits of Small Business Server (SBS) Backup visit the online backup for servers page.  

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