TECH GUIDE - Windows Server Backup from Cloud Direct

TECH GUIDE - Windows Server Backup from Cloud Direct


Cloud Direct's online backup solutions are fully compatible with the popular Windows Server Operating System range.

Our solutions are an automated, secure and reliable way to backup business-critical data stored on company servers running Windows.

  • Simple - No hardware or software purchases are required. Simply install the Backup Direct application onto your Windows machine, select the data sets you need to backup and when you'd like the backups to run. All ongoing backups happen automatically without hassle - truely 'set it and forget it'.
  • Offsite - When your data is backed up it is encrypted to 256-bit AES government standard and then transferred securely over the internet to Backup Direct's managed data centres. These fully redundant, tier-4 storage sites are to world-class digital security specification. Having your data stored securely offsite gives you complete peace-of-mind.
  • Recovery - The technology used in Backup Direct's online backup solution makes data recovery fast after an incident of data loss. It allows entire entire databases to be rolled back to previous file states within minutes to minimise productivity downtime and maintain business productivity - even in the face of disaster.

To find out more about the features and benefits of Windows Server Backup visit the online backup for servers page.

To speak to a sales representative about Cloud Direct Windows Server Backup call 0800 0789 437, email

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