User analytics can help thwart cyber attacks

User analytics can help thwart cyber attacks

Businesses may be able to prevent attacks on their system much more easily, if they invested in systems that can monitor user behaviour analytics.

A report published by Rapid7 revealed that anomalies can be better spotted if businesses monitored user accounts, cloud usage, location of mobile BYOD (bring your own device) use, and lateral movement of information within their systems.

Such systems would also make firms much less vulnerable to the actions of cyber criminals, according to the findings presented as part of the Understanding User Behavior Analytics report.

Commenting on the findings, Tod Beardsley, principal security research manager at Rapid7 told said in an interview with, said: “While anti-malware, vulnerability research and regular penetration testing are all important, a mature security program needs to put significant focus on monitoring normal user behavior in order to tell what's abnormal and malicious.”

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