VoIP continues to remain popular

VoIP continues to remain popular

A growing number of businesses are set to utilise VoIP services, according to a report.

Analysis published by Morning Markets revealed that 65 per cent of firms expect to utilise VoIP in some form by 2016.

Many cited the flexibility of VoIP products and the cost savings as the primary reasons for its adoption.

The most common forms of VoIP services are on-premise (the equipment is physically located in your office) and cloud-based (which means that it works via the internet).

Some 23.45 per cent of households use VoIP, while 42 per cent of firms use it.

Its figures also showed that the global business and residential VoIP services market grew about eight per cent from 2012 to 2013 to $68 billion (£44.74 billion) in revenue.

A separate forecast by Infonetics predicted that VoIP is set to become even more popular as time goes on.

It said that the VoIP market will reach $88 billion in revenue.

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