We've got two new apprentices

We've got two new apprentices

We’ve proudly taken on two new apprentices!

The Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills have put creating new jobs at the heart of economic recovery.

Ultimately, the UK Government wants to create one million new jobs. With five million UK businesses it only requires 20% to take on one new hire or apprentice to reach this target. So we’ve decided to take on not just one, but two brand new apprentices.

But we’re not alone in this thinking, 75% of employers see that apprentices are more important than ever, despite the economic crisis1.

There does seem to be an increase in businesses relying on University graduates for future company growth. Government figures have revealed that there are 19% less apprentices this year, and only 11% of 16-18 year olds have been successful in securing an apprenticeship2.

Vince Cable wants to prioritise the number of apprenticeships that are made available. After all, not all young people want to go to university just to get on the jobs ladder. There is also the never-ending cycle of jobs requiring experience, and to get experience, you need a job in the first place. It can become incredibly difficult to get that first chance.

So why apprentices? Apprenticeship schemes give young people the chance to learn a trade and start a career. Being an apprentice means they acquire new skills and learning, not just in the role they’ve been chosen for, but for their future employment.

The facts speak for themselves. 80% of apprentices believe that being part of an apprenticeship scheme had improved their ability to do their job, providing them with sector-relevant skills and improved their long-term career prospects3.

For us, we are able to concentrate on developing this talent in-house. We are responsible for building a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. It is up to us to nurture their talent. They get the same access to our senior team, our technical team, all of our products, our training consultants and academy system that all our employees get.

So to this, we’ve given them real jobs with real purpose. They’ve started work in our Technical Service Team, concentrating on providing first line support, dealing with real customers with real problems. The knock-on effect is that our senior engineers get to focus on solving cases and problems, with the ability to perform more pro-active work in a more organised and efficient way. We’ll cover how this benefits our customers further in a later post.

They haven’t just walked off the street either, we put them through a full hiring process, complete with recruitment agencies, multiple interviews and mock-customer problem calls.

They’re smart kids too, hired especially because of their interest in technology and their proactive nature to pursue their own projects. We see the potential for apprentices to build skill capacities within the business. Some of the existing support team are even learning from the apprentices, and they’ve only been here two weeks!

1 Source: 2012 Populus research

2 Source: http://www.bmmagazine.co.uk/news/19835/drop-in-apprenticeships-for-under-19s-is-disgraceful-says-entrepreneur/

3 Source: Evaluation of Apprenticeships – Learners BIS research paper May 2012

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