WHITEPAPERS - Why Virtualisation Needs to be Part of Your IT Strategy

WHITEPAPERS - Why Virtualisation Needs to be Part of Your IT Strategy

By virtualising servers and abstracting away the underlying hardware, organisations are setting the stage for a move to the cloud, a top-of-mind issue for many companies. Research firm In-Stat found that US-based businesses will spend more than $13 billion on cloud computing and managed hosting services by 2014.2 In fact, the first step for many organisations seeking to tap into the benefits of cloud computing may be to move from a simple virtualised data centre to an outsourced, hosted one in a private cloud.

Many organisations have already realised the benefits of managed/dedicated (i.e., outsourced) virtualisation. Whether called managed or dedicated hosting, in these environments, a virtualisation layer sits over single-tenant servers to enable lower costs, better business agility and the ability to increase revenue and improve governance and compliance. It’s no wonder that the percentage of IT decision-makers using the public cloud is expected to rise from 28% to 51% in three years, while the portion of their workload running in the cloud likely will more than double, from 10% to 22%. That said, while virtualisation offers clear benefits, failure to adopt virtualisation actually puts organisations at risk of service disruption and data loss.

This paper covers these issues in detail. By the end of this document you will understand the substantial risks you expose yourself to by failing to virtualise your servers in a private cloud. You will also see that you can become a leader within your IT department and organisation by championing a move to managed/dedicated virtualisation.

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