TECH GUIDE - Why switch to VoIP for business?

TECH GUIDE - Why switch to VoIP for business?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is transforming the way we communicate. In the UK alone, tens of billions of pounds have been spent replacing old analogue phone lines to make way for a new Internet Protocol (IP) network. For more than two-thirds of businesses that have already switched, VoIP telephony is seen as the source of a strong competitive advantage. Here we look in more detail at 10 good reasons to switch to VoIP for business.

VoIP is not what it used to be

Early adopters of VoIP telephony will remember users were required to be at a computer and the call quality was often sub-standard. Today however, VoIP telephony can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, including through handsets, smartphones and laptops. Improvements in broadband technology also mean that call quality has improved to the point that it is now on par, if not better, than traditional analogue phone systems.

VoIP offers excellent call quality

Leading on from the point above, landlines still transmit voice signals in analogue. VoIP however converts analogue signals to digital, which provides high definition phone calls for better voice and call quality.

Furthermore, the handsets supplied by Cloud Direct have been through a rigorous 200 step testing process, ensuring they are guaranteed to work on the platform.

VoIP reduces costs

Three-quarters of VoIP users say cost savings drove their decision to switch to VoIP.* Not only are call costs significantly lower, but calls are charged by the second with no connection charge. VoIP additionally provides free calls between internal company phone extensions, which can be used by any employee with an internet connection, including remote and mobile workers anywhere in the world.

Other costs, such as those associated with line rental are also eliminated. Similarly, further savings can be achieved using video conferencing to reduce costly business trips and by combining phone and data networks.

VoIP increases efficiency and productivity

More than 60 per cent of VoIP users believe VoIP brings productivity benefits for both IT and non-IT employees. For IT employees, top benefits include faster moves/adds/changes and quicker opening of new offices. For non-IT employees, VoIP facilitates easier workspace changes and an overall increase in productivity of 25 days per year. This is achieved by benefits such as optimised call distribution and solutions for remote workers.

VoIP supports mobile working

With mobile working so common, more businesses are turning to VoIP hosted telephony solutions. Hosted telephony means employees who are frequently on the road, based across multiple sites or at home are still connected to the same phone system. This ensures they can not only be reached using a single number, but also work productively and professionally by accessing the functionality of an advanced fixed line phone system remotely. The MobileOffice app from Cloud Direct for example can be downloaded onto most smartphones, tablets and laptops.

VoIP is suitable for businesses of all sizes

Whether you’re a micro or enterprise business, looking to cut costs or increase productivity, VoIP is suitable for businesses of all sizes with a wide range of options.

VoIP is hassle-free

Hosted VoIP telephony is fully managed in the cloud, so updates happen automatically and no maintenance is required. What’s more, 24/7 phone system monitoring from Cloud Direct provides total peace of mind and frees precious time to focus on your business.

For offices or employees in multiple locations, hosted telephony ensures one portal controls everything. Changes can be quickly and easily made remotely from a single desk.

Hosted telephony additionally removes a legacy need for multiple phone lines by enabling concurrent calls to be made on one data line. By using the internet to make calls, the number of lines needed can be simplified.

VoIP requires no capital expenditure

There is no capital expenditure associated with the hosted VoIP solution from Cloud Direct, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. There are also no upgrade costs or service fees.

VoIP supports growth

Hosted VoIP telephony is the ideal solution for rapidly growing businesses. Rather than an onsite PBX (which connects internal phone lines to an external line), the phone system is hosted in the cloud. New lines, users and features can be easily added as required while multiple inbound geographic/non-geographic numbers can be configured over a single internet connection.

Of course, VoIP also supports remote working and provides low cost international calls. All in all, it provides the ideal platform to support expansion programmes.

VoIP provides protection against disasters

VoIP hosted telephony ensures that any disaster which occurs in your premises, such as a flood or fire, will have no impact on your phone system. This is because all your settings, routings and configurations are saved remotely in the cloud.

What’s more, you will still be able to access the phone system remotely from any location with an internet connection. With no impact on the functionality of the phone system, this ensures business continuity in the most challenging circumstances.  

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