Administrator support for Office 365

Administrator support for Office 365

Lift the Office 365 burden off your IT staff with fast, reliable support from our qualified Microsoft support team

For organisations that don’t have a large or highly skilled IT department, Cloud Direct’s administrator support subscription for Office 365 frees up your IT staff so they have time to focus on other, more strategic areas of your businesses’ IT needs.

Enhanced admin support and management of your Office 365 environment

Our teams will support your Office 365 administrator and environment so your IT staff are free of the usual day-to-day tasks and can work more strategically for your business.

Functionality activation and deactivation

We understand that your IT requirements will change as your business grows, so we’ll be on top of things when it comes to helping you activate or deactivate certain functionalities.

Support, adding moving and changes licences

We’ll take care of things when you need to add, change or move a licence.

Configuration changes

Should you require changes to settings, we can handle these.

What you get from your Administrator Support for Office 365 package

Administrator support for Office 365
Access to our knowledge base
24/7 support with SLA
Investigating the instance of an outage
Investigating a loss of function
Direct contact into the support team
Named account team
Admin support and management of your 365 environment
Support adding/moving/changing user
Password Resets