Navigating the world of business IT is tricky. Everyone’s good at something, but no one has the time to do everything.

Azure Consultancy

Moving house doesn’t always solve the problem

Transitioning your business to a cloud platform is a fantastic idea. But it’s not enough to just make the move to Azure on a whim. You need a strategy. A game plan. Timing is everything and jumping in too soon can get you off to a rocky start.

Want to know a secret? Data centre modernisation is the first step towards migrating to the cloud.

To fully benefit from Azure, you need to look at the wider business and optimise your infrastructure and processes to work in the cloud. That’s what data centre modernisation is all about.

Our team of experienced consultants review your current business processes and help you innovate and maximise emerging technologies such as; the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
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A partner, a guide, a confidant

There are loads of blogs online showing you ‘how to migrate to the cloud in 10 easy steps,’ or similar. And, like most IT projects, you can ‘do it yourself’. But can you do it well enough? Can you cover every base? Check and double-check every step in the process? More importantly – can you risk doing it wrong?

There’s a huge opportunity with any migration. It’s a chance to upgrade and improve what isn’t working for the company right now. But you need support and consultancy to fully take advantage of the opportunity. You need to call on the pros.

Our services cover:

  1. Full support through the migration
  2. Server optimisation
  3. Spotting opportunities for app innovation
  4. Modernising processes to ensure Azure grows with your team

The reason we like to call ourselves a partner is because our consultancy service is completely tailored to you. We review the requirements of your business and where you are on your cloud adoption journey and we ensure our solution fits your needs like a glove.

Ready to grow? Scale up your services to suit your requirements. Whether it’s a couple of days to talk through and support you on a specific technology or full project partnering, we’ve got you.

We drive security, growth, productivity and employee engagement. Always.

Cloud Platform Management

Unleash your capabilities

Moving to the cloud will do great things for your business. Maximising your move will do even more for your business.

While Microsoft Azure is a straightforward and easy-to-use platform, there are so many opportunities to optimise that are overlooked by a busy, in-demand organisation. That’s where we come in.

We offer one-off projects with clients where we analyse your Azure environment. We review:

  1. The performance of your system
  2. Feature and cost-benefit opportunities
  3. Virtual machine sizes
  4. Opportunities to move from IaaS to PaaS

And that’s just the beginning. We deliver a written report summarising our findings and recommendations. Then, it’s up to you whether you want to take action. No pressure. Just plenty of opportunity.