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Navigating the world of business IT is tricky. Everyone’s good at something, but no one has the time to do everything.

Azure Enterprise Scaffold

Unleashing the potential of Azure

If you’re already familiar with Azure and want to get the most out of it then it’s now time for you to scale – strategically. Whether it’s knowledge, security or strategy that you need, this package will provide training, processes and security settings to squeeze every drop of value out of your Azure deployment.

You may have heard Microsoft use the term scaffold. That’s exactly what it is; a structure of best practice combined with a friendly helping hand to give you that leg up to Azure greatness.

How will this help you?

Sidestep blockers

Remove the barriers to optimisation

Adopt Azure at scale

Create an efficient and secure environment to scale effectively

Knowledge transfer of deployment process and operational management

Making your business future ready

I need the Azure scaffold

What do you get?

The knowledge transfer: Azure Scaffold introduction, governance best practice, definitions of naming and tags. Align above to customer’s business context.

Deployment strategy: Create design document with naming and tagging, Set-up subscription, deploy Azure Scaffold (Tags, Resource Groups, access control, Azure Security Centre, automation, Resource Locks, cost management).

Security management: Set-up remote access, configure best practice Network Security Group, back-up, change management automation and monitoring and alerting.