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Navigating the world of business IT is tricky. Everyone’s good at something, but no one has the time to do everything.

Azure Scale Up

Unlocking the potential of Azure

You’re ready to grow your business and know that investing in Azure will enable that. You’ve set yourself up in Azure for one or two specific purposes but are now to invest further by moving additional workloads over, though you don’t have the necessary configurations in place to do it right. Alternatively, you’re ready for Azure and keen to get off the ground – quickly and at scale. In which case you will need the right building blocks, known as an Azure landing zone, in place to get up and running safely and efficiently. Our Azure Scale Up package will enable you to maximise your Azure investment with the right governance configurations in place to enable manageable growth.

What will we do for you?

Run a technical workshop

Our cloud specialists will come to your site to hold a technical workshop. In this session we will tell you all about the Azure landing zone and the role it plays in Microsoft’s cloud adoption framework (CAF), understand your technical environment, ambitions for cloud and business growth.

Deploy an Azure landing zone

We will design and deploy your Azure landing zone, allowing you to build up capacity in your Azure environment in line with business strategy.

How will this help you?

Ready to scale up in Azure

Remove the barriers to growing your cloud estate. Truly adopt Azure at scale to improve cost control, governance and business planning.

Put technology at the heart of your business

Scale up with Azure to position technology enablement at the leading edge of your business. Strategy and budgets can be aligned with IT capabilities like never before.

Knowledge transfer

Understand the Azure landing zone elements to maintain governance whilst using Azure at scale. We will provide you with a detailed summary of the landing zone design and deployment, giving you the tools to adapt configurations in future.